Terms and Conditions

Website Design and Development

By placing an order with OrangeLime Web Design, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below.

3 Month Bug Fix Warranty

We offer a 3 month bug fix warranty on our dynamic website packages.

It is the client’s responsibility to review the site and ensure they are happy with it before agreeing to the finalisation of the project. This is usually confirmed when the website is made live.

We understand however that during the pressure of a project, occasionally some things may get missed. In this case, where bugs or technical errors are found after the project has gone live such bugs will be fixed free of charge within 3 months of us issuing the final invoice.

Any modifications that we don’t define as a bug for the purposes of the warranty will be quoted for separately and not fixed within the 3 month warranty.

Any changes that fall outside the 3 month period of any nature will be quoted for separately and not fixed within the 3 month warranty.

Payment of Accounts

Quotes provided by OrangeLime Web Design are valid for a period of one month from the date issued. Any additional features requested outside of the proposed project scope will need to be negotiated.

Projects will be invoiced as follows:

  • A 50% deposit is required before commencement – this is defined as the date at which you inform us via email or phone that you agree to the terms of the proposal and you wish to go ahead. The project will not begin until this invoice is paid in full.
  • The remaining 50% is to be paid in full at delivery. This is defined as the date you ask us to make the website live or we hand over the management of the site to you.
  • For larger projects a mid-way progress payment may also be required as part of the terms of agreement.

Invoices are not refundable. If the client decides to terminate the contract after a project has commenced, the client will be liable to pay for all work done up to the point of termination.

All invoices from OrangeLime Web Design will be sent via email.

Invoice Policy

OrangeLime Web Design is committed to making sure we help our clients get the most out of the web and offer exceptional value in doing so. This invoicing policy has been written so that clients who regularly pay on time are not disadvantaged by increased costs and restrictions associated with managing clients who do not pay on time.

When you engage OrangeLime Web Design you are agreeing to our terms and conditions (including our invoice terms) and therefore agreeing to pay all invoices on time.

All of OrangeLime Web Design’s invoices have strict 14 day terms unless otherwise agreed prior to commencement.

Every 2 weeks we will follow up on all clients with overdue invoices via email requesting a date when the invoice will be paid.

If there are special circumstances we may agree to extend the due date for an additional 14 days.

If the invoice is still outstanding we will email or call the client and ask for an explanation and ask for a date when the invoice will be paid.

If the invoice is not paid by this date one or more of the following may occur:

  • freezing any current work
  • moving to an up-front payment model for future projects
  • referring the debt to an agency
  • reducing the amount of concurrent projects
  • taking the website down and / or
  • discontinuing all future work for the client.

The same may be considered for clients who continually fail to pay their invoices on time.

If we refer outstanding invoices onto our collection provider the client will be liable for the invoice as well as the collection fees.

Ongoing Maintenance and Security Releases

OrangeLime Web Design uses open source systems which means after your site is built, there will be newer versions of the system released from time to time. For CMS (Content Management System) websites such as those built with WordPress, we strongly suggest that you backup your site and then ‘patch’ or ‘update’ the website to the latest release each time it comes out to keep the site secure.

Any additional plugins or add-ons implemented on the website should also be kept up to date with the latest version available.

If you engage OrangeLime Web Design to support and manage your website then this maintenance will be performed for you. Otherwise it is the website owners responsibility to ensure their website is maintained and kept secure.

For larger dynamic websites please ensure upgrades are performed by someone who knows what they are doing.

It is recommends a full site and database backup of the website is made before implementing any new extensions to the site and before undertaking any updates/upgrades.

OrangeLime Web Design is not responsible for the maintenance of websites unless the client has opted for a support package with us.

If you would like OrangeLime Web Design to provide ongoing support for maintenance please contact us to discuss your requirements and obtain a quote.

OrangeLime Web Design takes no responsibility for loss of data or damage due to a client’s poor website maintenance.

Website Hosting

By placing an order for any of our hosting services, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below.

  • OrangeLime Web Design provides quality Australian-based hosting services or may recommend alternative hosting companies to host websites, no guarantees can be made as to the availability or interruption of this service. OrangeLime Web Design cannot accept liability for losses caused by the unavailability, malfunction or interruption of this service, or for loss of turnover, sales, revenue, profits or indirect, consequential or special loss.
  • OrangeLime Web Design reserves the right to refuse to handle in any way, material which may be deemed offensive, illegal or in any way controversial, and also to terminate the hosting service should the necessity arise.
  • Hosting is payable annually and is non-refundable.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

OrangeLime Web Design reserves the right to change or alter these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.