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Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

If your customers come to your place of business then appearing on Google maps is a must!

This is how young people often search out a service such as a doctor or dentist. If you want to attract new business then this is a free way to attract new business.

It is best that the business owner sets this up as Google needs to verify the business exists and they will do this by contacting the business owner by phone or post.

First ensure you have a Google account, basically if you have signed up for Gmail then you have a Google account. When you go to, login and notice in the top right hand corner the rubik’s cube for Google apps. Click on this and scroll down for My Business.

my business on google


Edit the listing for your business. You will need to verify that you are the business owner for the listing to be approved by Google.

Google will show your business based on relevance, distance, and prominence. These factors are combined to help find the best match for a search.

Get yourself listed so that you are not missing out on local searches for your service.

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